1. IPMS - Ship Alarm Monitoring & Control systems

Placeholder Image The Marine Electricals Integrated Platform Management System MEACOS 3000 is a redundant, high speed, sophisticated and highly automated monitoring and control system. The IPMS is a customized automation system tailored to customer and class requirements. It controls and monitors virtually every mechanical system on a ship. All operator tasks are performed on configurable multifunctional Integrated Workstations, which are placed in the Engine Control Room, on the Bridge or at any other station required. Placeholder Image The IPMS communicates on an redundant Fiber Optic/Ethernet backbone. On the platform side, the system consists of Local Processing Units ( LPUs) to which the ship’s systems are connected. De-centralised automation units facilitate graceful degradation, whilst maintaining optimum functionality. To ensure a high level of reliability gateways, central networks and client stations are connected redundantly. Placeholder Image

Alarm Monitoring and Control System controls and monitors the following ship systems

Main and auxiliary engines
Reduction gears
CPP System
Alternating Generators and Electrical Power Plant
Fire Protection System
Tank Level System
Bilge System
Ship service systems
Ventilation System

Alarm, Monitoring and Control System (AMCS) is designed for

Ship equipment control and monitoring and parameters indication.
Measuring and control of the liquid level in tanks
Main and auxiliary engine control and monitoring
Electrical plant control and monitoring ship service system control and monitoring information output to the indicators, which secure continuous ship equipment and systems.

2. Navigation & Communication – Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

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3. Tank Gauging Systems

The system is more cost efficient for smaller vessels and is designed to avoid common malfunctions such as lack of air pressure supply or overpressure. Placeholder Image


Unaffected by dust, steam and product fluctuations
Process conditions such as high dust and noise generation or very steamy atmospheres do not influence measurement accuracy.
Strong build-up on the probe or vessel wall does not influence the measurement result.

Liquid level sensing products for Industry

Single and multi-point sensors and 4-20 mA level transmitters
Side mounted level switches and external chamber level switches
Flood level switches and units for marine applications
Hazardous area approvals Stainless, Hastelloy, Titanium, and Plastics, etc.


Suitable for almost all liquids. Constant display of filling level regardless of foam, varying dielectric, conductivity, pressure or temperature.
Special designs are capable of liquid interface measurement.

4. Remote Control Valve System - pic

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5. Propulsion System

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6. Fire Detection System