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Marine Crane Fixed Boom (MCF Series)

These cranes meet the highest levels of performance, stability and durability in all environmnetal conditions. Also many of our fixed boom cranes can be easily disassembled, moved and reassembled as needed. Our fixed boom cranes handle loads of 2 to 125 tons, at various boom lengths depending upon requirements.

Marine Crane Telescopic Boom (MCT Series)

We supply single, double or three stage telescopic booms utilizing different arrangements of single internal in-line cylinders, internal piggy back cylinders and dual external in-line cylinders. The main boom is of rectangle or tapered in cross section with telescopic booms integrated inside are fabricated of high-strength steel to customer specifications.

ROV Handling Crane

We supply ROV Handling cranes, designed to load and unload Remotely Operated Vehicles used in underwater or subsea research and activities. We can provide you with customized swing frames for ROV deployment and retrieval. Also we can provide customized base plates with a universal bolt hole pattern that allow you to easily transfer a crane between chartered ships.

Marine Crane Knuckle Boom (MCK Series)

We can supply lcmdde boom cranes with hinged box section booms and can be equipped with telescopic jib extensions. As unique purpose cranes, they are custom designed for marine applications involving a very limited work area, low clearances, and other difficult operating requirements.