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Copper and Aluminium Anodes-Features & Benefits

Simple installation.
Pressure tested safety caps.
Reliable, automatic anti-fouling with minimal attention from the crew.
Complete protection against bio fouling.
Reduced corrosion.
Minimal power requirements.
Modular electronic control panel using one module per flow line.
Easy system expansion by adding modules.
Unique anode wear indicator feature in control panel tells when anodes need replacement.
Unique anode save feature controls current to the anode based on there being or not being flow in the pipeline. This considerably increases anode life when flow is intermittent.

MGPS - Control Unit

MGPS prevents marine growth from accumulating and keeps piping clear of bio fouling. It is a cost-effective marine anti-fouling and corrosion control system. It is ideal for use in marine seawater cooling systems. The system strategically located in sea chests or sometimes in-board, but as close to the sea water intake point as possible. Any marine life larvae that enter the pipe line will not settle, but will pass right through to discharge. An added benefit is that the aluminium hydroxide flocculants creates a protective film on the pipelines, thereby significantly reducing pipeline corrosion.