Our marine switchboards are widely adaptable for all types of merchant ships or offshore related engineering, qualified to apply for approval by all major classification societies world wide. Type tested according to IEC 60439-1, short-circuit current withstanding strength is up to 150 kA, peak 330 kA. Working voltage up to 690 V. Modular design for mechanic frames with flexible dimensioning in 3 axes, fully processed by numerical control machines for quick and normative assembly. Integrated Power Management System and Pump Control allowing a more user-friendly control & monitoring from the operating station(s). Main electrical components are of latest type and configuration under international brand, which ensures stable quality and easy maintenance during the service. 

Technical Specifications

Framework of main switchboard is built as a welded or modular system.
Colour RAL 7032 or according to customer requirements.
Voltage from 0-690V.
Main busbar from 0-6300A.
Electrical components according to customer's requirements.
Easy cable connection.

1. Main switchboard and Emergency switchboard

- Generator Protection & Control Panels
- Automated Power Management Systems
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2. Power & Motor Control Centers

3. Distribution Boxes & Starter Panels

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4. Rectifier Units and Battery Chargers

5. Uninterrupted Power Supply

6. Shore Connection Boxes

7. Test Panels

8. Individually Designed Bridge & Engine Control Room Consoles

9. Navigation Light Control Panels

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10. Engine Order Telegraphs